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The most important factor that led me to make the decision about buying an apartment abroad through the company VS International Properties LLC, was the confidence that the company gave me with their several years of attending clients internationally, combined with the personalized advice and excellent after sales service and property management services. It was also the opportunity to invest in properties with active lease agreements which generate immediate return on the investment. The whole buying process was conducted according to plan, they are responsible for the administration and management of the property, they have an information system that lets the owner generate confidence and keeps you aware of the eventualities that the property may have. I highly recommended my family and social environment to VS International Properties LLC, in fact I have sent two potential buyers.

– Mareli

What I liked most about VS International was their excellent and prompt attention, both by telephone and face to face in my country. I would have liked to have all the documentation regarding the purchasing options contract and the contract of management services on hand in advance. On the other hand, I think they should have a way of getting the buyer a translated copy to buy as well as the copy of the sale document.
I would recommend their services to those who are considering having an extra income.

– Margherita – Venezuela

What led me to hire VS was the realization of the low funds in my accounts held in US banks. With this concern, a friend (Rafael) let me know that he had invested in an apartment in Florida and gave me the contact information for VS. That’s how I began. The attention always seemed good, they are very trustworthy because they always speak the truth without exaggerating and now with representatives in Venezuela, they are even better because the attention is more personal. Now that communication is in my own language I can better understand the technicalities that are in the contracts. They always give a timely response to any concerns big or small. I definitely recommend them. I’ve recommended them to my closest co-workers and have discussed this opportunity to invest their money, in hard currency, into a safe investment that seems to be based on its own structures and although reevaluating themselves they still make a well-established annual income.

– Juan – Venezuela

My experience was very particular. I was looking for an apartment in Venezuela to live in or invest. However, the prices of properties with the features I wanted were out of my budget.

In a conversation with one of my clients he mentioned to me that he had acquired a property in Orlando with VS International and that it produced monthly income in hard currency. This pleased me and caught my attention which made me ask a lot of questions; who did he buy from? How long has he had the property? What were the prices? What was he receiving monthly?

The perception I had about the properties in the US is that they were costly. But after talking to him I realized that the price was much lower than I imagined. I investigated further and learned that one of my true friends also had a property for a while with the same company my client did, VS International. That made me want to learn more about the apartments and options they had.

Attention, assurance, knowledge and the variety of options available, led me to make the decision to buy a property. I have had this property for more than two years and now I am saving to seek the second.

What I like is that VS is in charge of managing the property and keeping it rented. That is, for me, the value of this company, the fact that you do not have to worry about managing the property and you’re receiving monthly income in hard currency. This monthly income allows me to save for my future and also put my money to work in a stable and safe option.

I liked their advice and they have made the effort to have a representative here in Venezuela and along with the USA representative they take charge of the entire process so that one does not have to travel.

I would recommend their services to people who are disposable, who want a much higher income than the bank offers today, and who want to handle the process with a low risk level.

– Rafael – Venezuela

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